PHP Application Development

Experts in Cake PHP 3.0 Version

More than 250 Million web apps Powered by PHP, it’s a Smooth and light weight content management framework solution, our Developers are fully powered by latest versions and vast community updated. Simple and rapid for simple application development and easily ties into popular databases it is good to have HTML layout the contents.


CodeIgnitor, Zend Framework, SQL injection CakePHP is also mature and easy to follow.

MVC implementation in Zend will allow you to easily pick it up in other programming languages like Rails and MVC.Net

PHP 5.5.x at the moment. It’s a packager written in Python that uses PHP’s internal server to host your app.

wxWidgets library, which allows to write multi-platform desktop applications that make use of the native graphical components available to the different platforms

Why Chose PHP with us

Easy to use Interface
Flexibility to Suit
Quick and Easy set up
PHP is fully supported by IBM and Zend on the IBM
Free Code
Multi-Platform supported

CakePHP, it’s a good idea to get your environment setup.

We Follow:

  • Git
  • PHP 5.2.8 or greater
  • PHPUnit 3.5.10 or greater
  • We choose master as your merge target.
  • API Integrations:

    Many of 3rd party products can be very easily integrated XML into your PHP web application All of them offer very easy APIs that can be integrated easily during the process of PHP web development.

    PHP Web development at BTS

  • IT Companies Website.
  • organization management web apps designed for professionals and service providers.
  • Social Media portals.
  • Travel Booking Engine.
  • E-commerce websites and web apps.
  • Custom made CMS solutions for in-house management.
  • Admin control Panel.
  • Subscription portals and business exchange systems.

  • A good website or web application will attract your business conversion use the most admired UI of the Decade.