One Point Travel Technology

Portal Mid Office System


B2C internet booking engine

BTS System offers, aimimg to increase profit margins and User Friendly Consumer Paying Systemcommission Markups can be Offer based on PLB Negations od the Suppliers, Travel Agents find it quite beneficial to launch consumer sales on their websites using online booking engine integrated with their CRS booking software. Will help you to make more efficient use of the existing structure of your business, and easily expand your business in new directions.

B2B reservation software

B2B booking software is rightfully considered the key part of a modern travel technology and forms the activity base for Travel chains, direct sales to corporate clients and subagents via B2B access, tour operators, tour wholesalers, travel associations and other travel market players can avail the Benefits.

XML API Integration

We are a team Experts 7 years experience in the travel technology. Bts System guaranteescompetence in XML API integration. Including flight, Hotel, Bus, Recharge, SMS, Amazon Email, Transfers, and Payment Gateways, XML connections to such companies as Amadeus and Galileo, Myfare Box, hotel XML TBO, GTA, Expedia, suppliers worldwide and many more. These Integrations became possible not only on the basis of BTS System, but also as custom projects.